Partners will start with a detailed Needs and Gaps Analysis for identifying the concrete problems and obstacles and for collecting examples of good practices in the field of information security. Then, they will design a Roadmap for addressing the different needs identified, indicating also the stakeholders to be involved.

The next step will be to define the I Secure Agent Prototype, course methodology and curriculum including a description of the structure and the content of the training programme to proceed in building the didactic model.

Partners will also develop the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) I Secure eco-system representing the I Secure system for learning activities and content collaborative creation.

Stakeholders will also be provided with Guidelines for using the TEL I Secure eco-system in order to facilitate its valorisation and further exploitation in the Partner countries and abroad.

These results will be validated during the project testing phase (training and collaborative learning activities, national and seminar) and will be fine-tuned at the end of the project.