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I Secure project promote the strategic use of information and communication technology in teaching and learning programmes as a precondition for the development of innovative practices at secondary schools level (students of 11-18 years), in the partner countries. Therefore, the Consortium aims to develop an ‘information security culture’ to increase the awareness in this field as a crucial step in the digitization process of the educational contexts.

Moreover, Partners will develop and test the 'I Secure Agent prototype, course methodology and curriculum' and the 'Technology Enhances Learning I Secure eco-system' which will represent ready to use tools and instruments for supporting teacher training and empowering them in the field of information security in school education. This will enable them to become 'I Secure Agents', being able to transfer this information to students within their daily teaching activity and will guarantee a wide and sustainable impact of the project outputs.

Through analysis, development, testing, consultation and dissemination activities, the project will reach around 5.500 stakeholders (teachers, schools, students, parents, policy makers, trade unions, etc.) in the Partner countries.